Several things you need to know about Plastic Injection Molding Machine from the Plastic Injection Molding Machine manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler, distributor and factory in Taiwan. LIEN CHINY ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. is one of the renowned manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Plastic Injection Molding Machine, Injection Blow Moulding Machine, with a factory in Taiwan. With years of experience in the line of making, we are known for our outstanding performance in the industry. We have helped ourselves as one of the leading brand in Taiwan. We constantly upgrade our products to meet the international standards. We hold a team of professionals, which provides on time deliveries with high quality. Our sincerity and hard work has helped us match our quality with international standards.



Founded in 1990, Lien Chiny Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a professional company that offers all kinds of plastic machineries, molds and relatives auxiliaries. Our major products include plastic blow molding machines, injection machines, bag making machines, shoes making machines, etc.

For nearly 30 years in the industrial plastic field, we have expanded to regions such as Africa, Middle East, South America, etc. Having been participating in several “TURNKEY PROJECTS” in the field of plastic productions, we have helped our clients in Africa establish the whole project of manufacturing HDPE/LDPE blow film and implementing factories of PET bottles, PE bottles productions.

With the support of talented engineers and motivated local agents in different countries, we are able offer high quality machines, molds and materials, along with the best customer service to our clients for more than 27 years.

Our vision is to serve customers internationally, and to help our customers grow businesses with the latest technology.

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Plastic Injection Molding Machine

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